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Bday Treats

Sight, smell, shape and feel have become the trademark of Primal Elements soaps. The colors and shapes coordinate with unique scents for a beautifully fragrant presentation; all soaps contain vegetable glycerin, which moisturizes the skin with a luxurious lather that rinses cleanly away. Prime Elements soap uses only pure essential oils and popular fragrance oils for optimum fragrance.

Wafle Cones

Get the scoop of sweet and creamy vanilla goodness


An eclectic blend of springtime tulips with notes of tuberose and jasmine.


Ride the cool clean wave of summer melon and cucumber.

Tahitian Vanilla

A sultry Tahitian sunset wrapped in a sweet and creamy vanilla bar.


Fresh, juicy strawberries plucked straight from the field.


A flying reindeer full of vanilla, citrus, floral and sandalwood.

Rubber Duck

A sweet burst of fruity freshness guaranteed to make you squeaky clean!

Rosemary & eucalyptus
Rain Scent

A cool, clear scent as inviting as a walk in light afternoon showers.


Deep lilac blooms in this fragrant soap


Honey, chocolate and caramel are a silky smooth base for a splash of citrus and a soft floral finish.

Ginger Bear

Experience the scrumptious fragrance of warm gingerbread straight from the oven.


Dreamy and delicious yellow butter cake and frosting.


Our colorful clownfish splashes in a sea of cool water with a splash of sparkling pear.


Ground cinnamon and exotic spices compliment sweet creamy pastry notes in a soap kitchen fresh.

Chocolate Moose

A chocolate moose in a creamy chocolate mousse

Cherry Blossom

A hint of sweet cherry and bright floral blossoms.

California Lemon

Sunny California lemon oil provides antiseptic, antibacterial qualities.

Blue Whale

Fruity freshness for tons of bath time fun!

Birthday Cake

Put another candle on this yummy butter cake delight!

Big apples

Crisp, sweet and not too tart! A ripe, red apple plucked fresh from the tree.


Bergamot, grapefruit, water lilies and fresh seaweed carry you to the breezy seashore.

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